Emirates Financial Towers Company revealed performing significant accomplishments in the construction works of the Emirates Financial Towers project at Dubai International Financial Centre ( DIFC) , represented in completing construction of 27 floors at the northern tower on 15.04.2009 and 27 floors at the southern tower on 30.04.2009. Thus, the project recorded the highest construction rate in the development projects in Dubai.

The Emirates Financial Towers Company has realized remarkable progress in installation of aluminium and glass facades in both twin towers of the project, using about 5000 aluminium units to clad 27 floors. Those aluminium units have been selected according to the highest international specifications under the “Unitized System” which is characterized with its high thermal and audio insulation capacity.

The facades have been designed in a manner ensuring their installation with maximum degree of accuracy and harmony, while observing the highest quality standards, fast fabrication and easy fixing. The glass facades for the whole project are expected to be completed during the year 2009 as work commencement and progress rate are going on as per the scheduled timetable without any delay.

In his comment on the completion of the construction works in the towers, Dr. Hani Abu Auida, Emirates Financial Towers Company Chief Executive Officer and Senior Vice Chairman of MAG Group of Companies in Dubai , said: ” We consider completing the construction works in the financial towers a great and outstanding accomplishment, as we have overcome all difficulties, and have finished all the construction works within the scheduled time period , despite the consequences of the international credit crisis”.

Dr. Abu Auida added “Works in the financial towers are witnessing good progress in all aspects. Fixing of glass facades for the financial towers project have reached floor 17 in both twin towers , which is a remarkable step under the current circumstances , as these facades are fixed in compliance with the environmental standards applicable in Dubai , clearly highlighting the distinctive characteristics of the towers , and giving the concrete structure fantastic beauty and elegance. Moreover, working around the clock in the towers has enabled us to install the glass bridge connecting both towers giving them distinguished appearance “.

Dr. Abu Auida concluded his statement saying “I would like to commend the significant role Dubai International Financial Centre is playing in managing the leasing applications and providing all the facilities for the project”.

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